kindle本価格はAmazon API で取得できない

AmazonのProduct Advertising API では、 kindleの価格取得(offer price)には未対応とのこと。

Unfortunately at this time Offer Prices for Kindle Items are not supported by the Product Advertising API. List Prices are however, provided by the API.

Announcement: Kindle Items – Offer Prices not supported

list priceは定価です。少なくとも2017年3月現在は定価も取得できません。そもそも、kindle本に定価があるのかは不明ですが。




Pictures of penrose tiles

These images were made with using the online Penrose tiling generator. You can make your own Penrose tiles for free.
The file type of the images are SVG, which is lossless vector graphics. These graphics could be treated with many softwares such as Gimp, Inkscape, Illustrator, and so on.


Density = 35

gamma = 0

penrose tile